List Of Military Boats For Army

List Of Military Boats For Army

The most common types of military boats are PT BOATS. These small vessels are designed for rapid speed and maneuverability. They can be equipped with ballistic protection and various weapons systems. The hull and rudder of a PT BOAT are made of composite material for durability. The hull of a PT BOAT is largely reinforced to provide additional protection against the elements. This type of boat also requires low maintenance and can last for several decades. However, a PT BOAT may need to undergo periodic inspection to ensure no holes or other damage.

Military watercraft:

Military watercraft are designed for a wide range of missions. Unlike civilian boats, these vessels are not limited to one type of mission. Depending on the type of operations they perform, these vessels can be modified for different missions. In addition to military use, these boats are often used for humanitarian relief operations and Search and Rescue. These types of vessels are capable of handling a variety of cargo. They also feature multiple weapon systems and can be compatible with various shipboard handling systems.


RCBs are also used for anti-piracy missions. They are used for patrolling open water. Typically, RCBs are found in coastal areas and inland waterways. Whaleboats, fishing vessels, and tugboats are suited for offshore operations. Big boats are used for search and rescue and are used for combat. For these missions, these vessels are used by naval forces and Special Forces worldwide.

The T-AS and T-ATF:

The T-AS and T-ATF are two popular types of auxiliary craft for maritime operations. T-ATFs are used for towing and serve as platforms for Navy divers to recover downed aircraft. This T-ESB combines advanced C4I suites and a flexible and reliable system to support missions in the area of mine countermeasures, special warfare, and special operations.

Some of the most common auxiliary and support vessels are used in coastal and offshore operations. They are also used for transporting supplies. The Navy relies heavily on RIBs for rescue operations and transport troops. The most common kinds of RIBs are intended for use by the navy. Some are used for a single purpose and can be customized to suit the specific needs of the military.


The LARC is another type of military boat. It is a wheeled amphibian. Its primary function is to provide amphibious lighter age service and mainly transport heavy, outsize, and bulky equipment. In addition to being a transport vessel, the LARC also provides beach preparation capabilities. Its overall length and beam are 63 feet. LARCs can travel up to 75 nautical miles and can 150 statute miles at 14 knots.