5 Tips to Make Your Food Shots Instagram Worthy

5 Tips to Make Your Food Shots Instagram Worthy

In this day and age, people are given the means and platforms to tell their story. Some people share their stories by posting a lengthy post, but others prefer to tell theirs through snaps and photos. The latter always have their mobiles phones with them to ensure that they don’t miss a moment, even sharing what they eat.

People who uses social media platforms like Instagram like to take the best shot of their food. But a top food photographer shares some valuable tips to help these platforms user take the best snap of their food:

  1. Love the light

Every photographer knows that the light is a shutter bug’s best friend. During staged photo shoots, they use as much light as they can to capture their subjects beautifully. In case of a quick snap, what you need to do is find an appropriate lighting. If your table is facing the window, try to take advantage of the natural light. But if you are in an enclosed space, try to find an angle where the light is appropriate.

  1. Set the scene

Before you take a snap, be sure that the look of your plate will look enticing on photos. Think of your table as a photo studio and you need to set the scene. Since you have limited resources, be sure to make use of what you have, may it be the silverware and other things in the table. Setting the scene would the photo look more enticing and visually appealing. Learn to be creative with your

  1. Try to take a snap in different angles

A photographer does not just take a single photo and call it a day. To ensure that they capture the best shot, they take several photos and choose the best shots for their project and portfolio. You can also do the same. To ensure that you get the best food shot, try to take a photo of the plate in different angles. This would give you several photos with different backgrounds.

  1. Download a photo-editing app

Let’s face it. It is not all the time that we capture the best shot. But do not just delete your shots. Maybe all it need is just some retouching. It would be best if you can download a photo editing app to retouch your photos before you post it on your Instagram account.

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